Call Girl (film by Mikael Marcimain), Title Design by Daniel Carlsten, 2013.







Based on true events in Stockholm in the 1970s, Call Girl tells the story of two underage girls who were used as prostitutes by senior politicians and men of high society. The film follows the girls from the juvenile homes to the seductive world of luxury and glamour, where they soon find themselves caught in a maze of sex clubs, brothels, dark secrets and power abuse.

The typeface Avant Garde was designed by the late Herb Lubalin, one of the most prominent typographers of the 1970s. Originally designed for use in the logotype of the lifestyle magazine Avant Garde (1968-1971), it was later released as a full typeface, used by many for its air of 1970s glamour and style. For the Call Girl logotype, we fused Avant Garde with the neon signs of a red light district, thus merging elegance with decadence. The logotype was applied to everything related to the film, on screen and in print, such as the film’s poster, its trailer and the cover of its soundtrack.

The end credits play on the straight forward, generic look of 1970s thriller credits, with a new layout to each group of participants.