Glass perfume bottle, Glass; blown with marvered trails, Roman period, Early to mid-1st century A.D. Roman, Glass perfume bottle, early to mid-1st century A.D., Glass, H.: 6 3/16 in. (15.7 cm). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of George D. Pratt, 1935 (37.128.7)

Translucent pale yellowish green; trail in opaque white.
Outsplayed rim, folded down, round, and in, with flattened top surface and inner lip around mouth; wide cylindrical neck, with horizontal tooled indent around base; piriform body; slightly concave bottom with pontil scar.
Trail applied to center of bottom and wound up in a spiral, extending to rim, marvered and then tooled into a festoon pattern with six vertical strokes. Intact; large surface bubbles, elongated on neck; pitting, thick creamy weathering, and iridescence.
With pear shaped body, combed threads.